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Russian media said that Sino-Russian satellite navigation system compatibility will break the US monopoly

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2017/08/19 16:02
 Russian media said China Compass satellite navigation system and the Russian Gronus satellite navigation system compatible test has important strategic
  Russian media said China Compass satellite navigation system and the Russian Gronus satellite navigation system compatible test has important strategic significance to ensure that the Sino-Russian satellite navigation system for all civil consumers to provide services independent of Trump led the United States of any The consequences of the blow, and the sanctions that Washington has taken and intended to take. In an interview with satellite news agency and radio station, Andrei Jenin, a member of the Russian Council of Governmental Experts, and the Russian Academy of Sciences, commented on the significance of the Sino-Russian “Silk Road” project in the field of satellite navigation. Navigation is a research area that focuses on monitoring and controlling the process of moving a process or vehicle from one place to another. The navigation area consists of four general categories: land navigation, ocean navigation, air navigation and space navigation. This is also a technical term for the expertise that the navigator uses to perform the navigation task. All navigation techniques involve locating the position of the navigator compared to a known location or pattern
  According to the Russian satellite network reported on August 5, Chinese and Russian experts since August 1 will also be in two weeks to study the GLONASS and the Beidou along the “Silk Road Economic Zone” navigation conditions, will assess the navigation conditions , The use of the Beidou and GLONASS two navigation system obstacles, high precision navigation required for the coverage of mobile communication channels. Chinese and Russian experts should also understand that Gleneas and Beidou compatible systems than their own independent operation to be accurate how much.
  Reported that in the territory of Russia, the test route along the promising international transport direction “Europe - China West” section, a total length of about 7000 km. Chinese experts will be along the Xi'an - Lanzhou - Urumqi - Horgos route to carry out the test, the total length of more than 3200 km.
  Jenin explained that, in general, today's Sino-Russian military and other security departments only need to use their own satellite navigation system is sufficient. Therefore, China's Beidou satellite navigation system, GPS global positioning system, the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system or the European Galilean navigation system is built so that all the satellites with their own satellite group, with the help of the parties to the navigation system, completely Can guarantee the settlement of military tasks. In other words, the Chinese and Russian soldiers in this regard independent of each other.
    However, in order to solve the civil task, in order to ensure that the navigation system is almost 100% reliability, the need for two systems. It is for this reason that since 2011, all smartphones and consumer devices have both GPS and Glenas, or GPS and Beidou. Jolin explained.
  “For civil consumers, it is important to have two viable systems available, and the world is becoming increasingly uneasy, and if the United States does not want it, GPS signals can not be found in the world. In this case, civil consumers will suffer heavy losses, but if the standard for civilian consumers become not on the consumption of equipment at the same time the application of GPS and Glenas, but also the application of the Big Dipper and Glenas, then similar to the risk In this case, whatever happens between Russia and the United States, what happens between China and the United States, what happens between Chinese and Russian partners, if consumers take the Beidou and Glenas standards, then they are fundamental In this sense, the consumption standards between China and Russia in the SCO countries and the BRIC countries are both in the two systems of navigation - the Big Dipper and the Gronus.
  The report said that this is the strategic area of ??Sino-Russian cooperation. In this case, this area is under the direct control of the leadership of the two countries, this level of mutual understanding is very high, is simply unprecedented. So given priority to this issue, partly because of the national security of China and Russia.
  At the same time, this area is a high-tech field, and cooperation in this area is based on a high degree of mutual trust.
  Reported that the navigation technology itself, motor transport, all logistics security, traffic corridor protection, is undoubtedly the highest high-tech. This is the future of motor transport, whether it is freight, or passenger.
  Reported that in the Russian territory of the Silk Road on all federal highway, the mobile communication problem has been resolved, which is a few years ago things. The task of securing motor vehicles through satellite navigation services is now being addressed. Russia's third task is to obtain income from Chinese and Russian trucks carrying Chinese goods transhipped by the country.
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