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Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded: "Sade" system successfully intercept medium-range ballistic missiles

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2017/08/19 15:59
Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (abbreviation: THAAD, Sade) is the US Missile Defense Agency and the US Army under the land-based theater
  Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (abbreviation: THAAD, Sade) is the US Missile Defense Agency and the US Army under the land-based theater anti-missile system, generally referred to as the Sade anti-missile system. The high-altitude regional defense system consists of a launch device carrying eight interceptors, AN / TPY-2X band radar, fire control communication system (TFCC) and combat management system.
  Reporters asked: US military said yesterday that the US military successfully on the ”Sade“ anti-missile system for a test, in Alaska over the shot down a goal. The US side also said that the test has nothing to do with the intercontinental ballistic missile test conducted by the DPRK. In view of the Chinese side in the ”Sade“ related issues have had a tough statement, the Chinese side of the US side of the successful test and the US military related to what comments?
  Foreign Ministry Spokesperson A: The Chinese side has taken note of the relevant reports. China's position on the issue of anti-missile is consistent and clear. We hope that the parties concerned will act cautiously on the issue of anti-missile issues so as not to adversely affect global and regional security and stability.
  As for the deployment of the United States and South Korea in South Korea, ”Sade“ anti-missile system, we firmly opposed to the position is consistent and clear.
  The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) announced on July 11 that the first successful use of the THAAD anti-missile system has intercepted an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) target. MDA said that the Sade system is an important part of the US national missile defense system. The success of this experiment is crucial.
  MDA official statement screenshot
  The US forces participating in the trial included US Army, Missile Defense Joint Command, US Air Force, Coast Guard and Alaska Launchgrounds. The test code is ”FTT-18“, the launch test by the MDA implementation.
  It is reported that this is the ”Sade“ anti-missile system in 14 tests in the 14th successful implementation of the interception, but also the first test of the system to intercept medium-range ballistic missiles.
  US Defense Department Missile Defense Agency issued a statement saying that a US Air Force C-17 transport aircraft in the Pacific Ocean in the north of Hawaii launched a simulated medium-range ballistic missiles, located in Alaska Kodiak's ”Sade“ anti-missile system Monitor, track and intercept the missile. The missile defense agency said in a statement that the success of the ”Sade“ anti-missile system to deal with the threat of medium-range ballistic missiles will enhance the US response to North Korea and other countries, the threat of missile defense capabilities and help to build a broader strategic deterrence The Director of the Missile Defense Agency, Sam Griffs, said the tests on the day further demonstrated the potential of the ”Sade“ anti-missile system and its ability to intercept and eliminate ballistic missile threats.
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