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Camera calibration service

Camera calibration service

   UAV aerial survey generally equipped with consumer SLR or single electric camera. Ordinary camera lens due to grinding process, prism assembly and other reasons, will produce image distortion, affecting the subsequent processing industry. Therefore, before the UAV flight, we need to obtain accurate camera parameters. The purpose of the camera calibration is to detect the camera's orientation elements and distortion parameters.


   Traditional camera calibration method is divided into indoor and outdoor inspection field, the advantage is reliable calibration results. But check the school construction and maintenance costs are high, and the need to strictly measure the three-dimensional coordinates of the object point. Users check the time to remove the courier, generally takes 2-3 days, time-consuming long, and expensive.


   Wuhan point cloud technology to provide camera calibration services, users can bring their own camera to the company or courier mail to the company, to carry or mail, please contact the cloud technology support (027-87572258).


Check the results: the results of the test in pixels and millimeters for the two units at the same time, to e-mail and paper sent to the user two hands.