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Technical Services

Technical Services

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   Wuhan point cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a commitment to measuring industry software development and application of science and technology companies. Products related to laser scanning, digital photogrammetry and computer vision and other professional applications.


   With the national wisdom of the city and the Internet + plan to promote the photogrammetry technology has been widely used in land, agriculture, forestry, transportation, water conservancy, electricity, military and other mapping industries and fields, and gradually to the construction, decoration, real estate, clothing and other civilian industries development of. The company's core brand SkyPhoto series of software is the most integrated at home and abroad aerial software system. Including the field inspection, empty three settlement, orthophoto production, line drawing production, three-dimensional modeling, power inspection and many other features.


At present the company's software mainly includes:

• Point Ploud UAV Data Processing System (SkyPhoto-Super)

• Point Cloud Power Line Management Platform (SkyPhoto-Power)

• Point Cloud Stereo Image Acquisition System(SkyPhoto-Map)

• Point Cloud Three-dimensional Vector Acquisition System (SkyPhoto-Map3D)

• Point Cloud Video Fast Fight (SkyPhoto-Sico)

• Point Cloud Flight Quality Inspection System (SkyPhoto-QC)


Service Content


• Technical Services: Pre-sales demonstration and after-sales training.

• Training services: annual photogrammetry training courses.

• Calibration services: UAV camera calibration services.

• Aerial services: professional flight crew services and control services.

• Online service: working day full time long online (027-87572258)



Ps: technical services mainly for the user software to buy software before the software preview and purchase after the technical training, the company will send staff for each user training, support both on-site and remote mode. Users can also arrange the project staff to Wuhan D-cloud Technology Co., Ltd. headquarters training.