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Value added services

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Value-added services

Pipeline solution

Pipeline solution

The main role: found abnormal pipeline, whether someone steal oil at night and so on.


Features: long distance, the distribution is not a straight line, there is a need to visit at night


Equipment: drone, ground station, zoom camera, thermal camera.


Aircraft recommended fixed-wing, flying fast, long voyage, because it is the observation of the video, so the flight speed can reduce the working hours of observers inside the industry, long enough to meet the one-stop flight line inspection requirements, to reduce the intervention of the Flying Hands.


Recommended aircraft:


Tianyi six-rotor electric UAV "Xuan Ting"

Advantages: the use of lithium batteries, maintenance more convenient, less demanding on the operator, short-term training can get started, more secure.


Achievements Option 1: Fly-back video


Ten times the zoom camera to do simple shockproof processing, access to high-definition camera data stored in the data card, when the plane landed on the computer view.


Achievements Option 2 Real-time observation of aircraft imagery. Need to solve the problem: long-distance real-time transmission.


Prerequisite Equipment: High Gain Panel Antenna FPV 50km


You can let a sector of the direction of the launch of a farther signal.



Case 1:


Oil pipeline has its own monitoring network for us to use.


Then plan the antenna along the way (green area antenna signal coverage area).




Case 2:


Oil pipelines do not have a dedicated monitoring network, but there are residential areas around.


Persuade residents to install the launch antenna, the use of the network can be real-time monitoring (red area antenna signal coverage area).



Outcome Scenario 3:


Real-time monitoring of oil pipeline with thermal imaging at night

Thermal imaging equipment

Thermal imaging equipment

Thermal imaging equipment