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Value-added services

High-precision aerial survey solution

High-precision aerial survey solution

Professional aerial survey six rotor UAV - Xuan-ting DY-SU6



Nine reasons to choose Xuan Ting


Convenient transportation

    Tubular design minimizes box size. Can easily bring the train and aircraft. Caster installed at the bottom for easy hauling.


2. Vibration coefficient is small

    Wheelbase 1.2 meters, using flat design. In a small number of connections, retained with screws and nuts, to minimize the vibration coefficient while ensuring the ease of installation.


3. Triple flight safety and security

    Double fly control, dual GPS, six rotor design - triple to ensure flight safety.


4. Equipment switching convenient

    Semi-open design. The task compartment and battery compartment use slide rails. It takes only 1 minute to switch or replace the battery between different devices. A real multi-purpose machine.


5 body light, long life

    Brilliant appearance is not the pursuit of engineering machine, we try to reduce the weight of the hole through the fuselage, thereby enhancing the flight time and load capacity. DY-SU6 Makes it easy to fly 55 minutes with windy weather.


6. Strong wind resistance

    Aircraft equipped with two-axis PTZ, with the anti-wind rotorcraft, can be made in a larger wind similar to a manned plane was shot photos. As the turning radius of the rotorcraft can be neglected, isometric photography can maintain the rigging alignment. Shooting images can greatly improve the accuracy of aerial matching and three-dimensional mapping available range and edge precision.


7. Take-off and landing restrictions, the camera without loss

    Take-off and landing is not subject to site restrictions, landing more casual and safe. Equipped with equipment (all types of cameras) without any damage, significantly reducing the number of camera calibration.


8. High-precision differential PPK system

    Xuan Ting DY-SU6 can be equipped with high-precision differential PPK, fully meet the requirements of large-scale mapping of rare control points.


9. Equipped with SkyDouble camera tilt


    Xuan Ting DY-SU6 can be equipped with dual-lens tilt camera, which is a patented product developed for UAV tilt photography, small size, light weight, pixel height, disassembly convenient. The use of two full-frame camera, through the swing mode of work, can be achieved at the same time the efficiency of six cameras in order to obtain more perspective images of objects, built-in independent intelligent control panel, can not interact with the flight control Case, complete tilt data acquisition.

Eye T-1 (standard 5100 camera)

Eye T-2 (Standard Sony Black RX1R2)

Finished product map


Aerial survey industry processing software - SkyPhoto-Super


   SkyPhoto-Super is a low-altitude photogrammetry data processing software developed by our company with the international advanced level and the highest degree of domestic module integration. Its integration, high efficiency, high-precision features have a considerable influence both at home and abroad.


SkyPhoto-Super software main interface



1. Integration

SkyPhoto-Super software includes all the processes related to aerial survey industry: camera calibration, flight quality inspection (module independence), quick panorama (module independence), empty three solution calculation, DEM production, DOM production, TDOM production, DSM production, image sub-cut, line drawing production (module can be independent), single-camera three-dimensional modeling.


2 computing speed

    SkyPhoto-Super's solution to the air three times faster than other domestic software and foreign software.


3 smart empty three

    Intelligent air solution is the most powerful SkyPhoto-Super core technology. It can not only perfectly deal with the data of large declination angle and complete navigation zone, but also has strong adaptability to the weak texture areas such as desert, water area and forest, as well as the special navigation zone. (See the case of smart air three)


4 camera calibration / self calibration

    SkyPhoto-Super provides the most accurate calibration method for indoor calibration stations - capturing camera parameters by capturing a grid on the display screen to ensure the accuracy of aerial surveying. At the same time, the software also provides self-calibration method to deal with data not calibrated by the camera.


5. High precision

    SkyPhoto-Super's Intelligent Nero supports ground adjustment with RTK / PPK POS to fully meet the needs of 1: 500 large-scale mapping made by sparse control points.


6. Real shot image

    SkyPhoto-Super produces true projective images like TDOM and digital surface model DSM from the original image without any manual editing. Compared to the traditional DOM, TDOM completely shields the building side information and saves a lot of manual work. (See the real shooting video case)


Three-dimensional image acquisition system SkyPhoto-Map


   SkyPhoto-Map is a module used to produce line drawings in SkyPhoto-Super. It can also be used as a separate software. The software can load hundreds of pairs of images derived from null three results in seconds and begin mapping directly. According to incomplete statistics, last year alone, domestic customers used SkyPhoto-Map to produce line drawings of 1: 500, 1: 1000, and 1: 2000 of hundreds of square kilometers. SkyPhoto-Map received the customer's consistent high praise. Software can use the mouse or hand wheel foot map.

The following two pictures for the use of SkyPhoto-Map interface.


SkyPhoto-Map mapping interface


Industry applications


    In the process of confirming the rural land, the area of the house can be determined by drawing the four corners of the house on the three-dimensional model. Therefore, the use of tilt photography can avoid the process of correcting the eave of the field, which greatly improves the drawing efficiency and reduces the cost.

    The following figure is a three-dimensional real-life model of a photograph taken with a tilt camera taken by Xuan-ting DY-SU6. And use the relevant software to draw high-precision drawings on the model.